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Translated by: Osku598 (Oskar Bredin)
Last Updated: 6.28.2012

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Translation Data

+ File - Information
"Tietoja"; "Information";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<btiInformationCP>)
"Tuki"; "Support";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<mmSupportCP>)
"Tarkista nyt"; "Check Now";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<btnUpdateCheckCP>)
"Tarkista päivitykset"; "Check for Updates";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<btnUpdateCheckHCP>)
"Tarkista päivitykset varmistaaksesi, että sinulla on viimeisin versio käytössä."; "Checks for updates to make sure you have the latest version.";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<btnUpdateCheckICP>)
"Uusi versio saatavilla (VER)"; "There is new version (VER) available.";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<stUpdateAvailableCP>)
"BetterExplorer on ajantasalla"; "Better Explorer is up-to date.";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<stUpdateNotAvailableCP>)
"Avaa kotisivu"; "Open Website";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<btnOpenWebsite>)
"Vieraile BetterExplorerin verkkosivuilla"; "Visit BetterExplorer's Website";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<btnOpenWebsiteHCP>)
"Vieraile sivuilla kokeillaksesi uusinta versiota, kysyäksesi apua, ilmoittaaksesi ongelmista ja muuta."; "Visit this website to try the latest test builds, ask for help, report an issue, and more.";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<btnOpenWebsiteICP>)
"Better Explorer - The better explorer replacment"; "Better Explorer - The better explorer replacment";(Location:[] Name:<lblBetterExText>)
"Bexplorer on korvaus Windows Explorerille. Bexplorer lisää käteviä toimintoja kuten valintanauhan, välilehdet ja paljon muuta."; "This is a Windows Explorer replacement that adds several handy features, such as the Ribbon, tabs, and other things.";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<lblBetterExInfo>)
"Tietoja BetterExplorerista"; "About Better Explorer";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<lblAboutBEHeader>)
"Pääkehittäjät:"; "Main Developers:";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<lblDevelopersHeader>)
"Kehitystiimi"; "Developers Team";(Location:[File - Information] Name:<lblDevTeamCP>)
+ File - Options
"Asetukset"; "Options";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<btiOptionsCP>)
"Siirtyessä uuteen sijaintiin, laajenna siirtymisruutu näyttämään avattu kansio. (Vaatii uudelleenkäynnistyksen)"; "When navigating to new location,  expands the navigation pane to show the currently open folder.(requires restart)";(Location:[File - Options (description)] Name:<chkTreeExpandTTX>)
"Yleiset"; "General";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<sepGeneral>)
"Komentotulkki"; "Shell";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<tabShell>)
"Muuta aloitussijainti"; "Startup Location";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<sepStartup>)
"Muuta aloitussijainti"; "Set as default location";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<btnSetCurrentasStartupHCP>)
"Set the location you are currently viewing as the default location. BetterExplorer opens the default location when you start the program or open a new tab."; "Set the location you are currently viewing as the default location. BetterExplorer opens the default location when you start the program or open a new tab.";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<btnSetCurrentasStartupICP>)
"Paina asettaaksesi nykyisen sijainnin aloitussijainniksi"; "Click to change the default/startup location to the currently viewed location";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<btnSetCurrentasStartupDesc>)
"BetterExplorer oletus katselijaksi"; "Make BetterExplorer default viewer";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<chkIsDefault>)
"Make BetterExplorer the default viewer. Note that this is not full integration (only works when you click on Explorer icon and when you use WinKey + E shortcut)"; "Make BetterExplorer the default viewer. Note that this is not full integration (only works when you click on Explorer icon and when you use WinKey + E shortcut)";(Location:[File - Options (description)] Name:<chkIsDefaultICP>)
"Salli kolmannen-osapuolen tiedostojen muokkaus *"; "Allow third-party file operation replacements *";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<chkIsTerraCopyEnabled>)
"Allow third-party applications (such as TeraCopy) to replace certain file operations such as copying, moving, or deleting files. (requires application restart)"; "Allow third-party applications (such as TeraCopy) to replace certain file operations such as copying, moving, or deleting files. (requires application restart)";(Location:[File - Options (description)] Name:<chkIsTerraCopyEnabledICP>)
"palauttaa edellisen istunnon välilehdet käynnistyksessä"; "Restore your previously opened tabs on startup";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<cbIsResttoreCP>)
"Avatessasi BetterExlorerin, suljetut välilehdet avataan uudelleen"; "When opening BetterExplorer, it will reopen the tabs you had open when you last closed this program.";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<cbIsResttoreTTX>)
"Keep a log of your actions"; "Keep a log of your actions";(Location:[File Tab - Options] Name:<chkLogHistoryCP>)
"When enabled, BetterExplorer will write a log entry every time you do an action such as moving, renaming, or deleting files. This is good to have for future reference and for security purposes. There is a separate log file for each window."; "When enabled, BetterExplorer will write a log entry every time you do an action such as moving, renaming, or deleting files. This is good to have for future reference and for security purposes. There is a separate log file for each window.";(Location:[File Tab - Options (description)] Name:<chkLogHistoryHCP>)
"Kieli"; "Language";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<tabLanguageCP>)
"Vaihda kieli"; "Change Language";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<sepLanguageCP>)
"Valitse kieli, jota BetterExplorer käyttää (Ohjelman uudelleenkäynnistys vaadittu)"; "Choose which language to use in BetterExplorer: (requires restart)";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<lblLanguageCP>)
"Ulkonäkö"; "Appearance";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<sepAppearanceCP>)
"Valintanauha"; "Ribbon";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<tabRibbonCP>)
"Valintanauhan väri"; "Ribbon Color";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<sepRibbonColorCP>)
"Hopea"; "Silver";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<btnSilverCP>)
"Sininen"; "Blue";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<btnBlueCP>)
"Musta"; "Black";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<btnBlackCP>)
"Green"; "Green";(Location:[File Tab - Options] Name:<btnGreenCP>)
"Contextual Tabs"; "Contextual Tabs";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<sepContextualTabsCP>)
"Automatically switch to these tabs when they are shown:"; "Automatically switch to these tabs when they are shown:";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<lblAutoSwitchCP>)
"Tabs"; "Tabs";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<tabTabsCP>)
"Alignment"; "Alignment";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<sepAlignmentCP>)
"Show tab bar:"; "Show tab bar:";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<lblShowTabBarCP>)
"Top"; "Top";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<chkTabBarTopCP>)
"Bottom"; "Bottom";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<chkTabBarBottomCP>)
"Manage Saved Tabs"; "Manage Saved Tabs";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<sepSavedTabsCP>)
"Show Tab Manager"; "Show Tab Manager";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<btnShowTabManagerCP>)
"Default saved tabs location:"; "Default saved tabs location:";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<lblDefSavedTabsLocCP>)
"Warning: Changing the default location will result in losing your current saved tabs."; "Warning: Changing the default location will result in losing your current saved tabs.";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<lblSavedTabsWarningCP>)
"Ruudut/Tiedostot"; "Panes/Items";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<tabPanesItemsCP>)
"Laajenna siirtymisruutu nykyiseen kansioon *"; "Expand navigation pane to current folder *";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<chkTreeExpandCP>)
"Laajenna siirtymisruutu nykyiseen kansioon"; "Expand navigation pane to current folder";(Location:[File - Options (description)] Name:<chkTreeExpandTCP>)
"Display Optional Features"; "Display Optional Features";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<sepOptionalCP>)
"Näytä valintaruudut"; "Show Checkboxes";(Location:[File - Options] Name:<chkShowCheckBoxesCP>)
+ Home Tab
"Koti"; "Home";(Location:[Home Tab (tab name)] Name:<tbHomeCP>)
"Leikepöytä"; "Clipboard";(Location:[Home Tab (group name)] Name:<tgClipboardCP>)
"Kopioi"; "Copy";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnCopyCP>)
"Kopioi (CTRL + C)"; "Copy Item (CTRL + C)";(Location:[Home Tab (description)] Name:<btnCopyTCP>)
"Kopioi valitut tiedostot leikepöydälle"; "Copy selected items to the Clipboard";(Location:[Home Tab (description)] Name:<btnCopyTTX>)
"Liitä"; "Paste";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnPasteCP>)
"Liitä (CTRL + V)"; "Paste (CTRL + V)";(Location:[Home Tab (description)] Name:<btnPasteTCP>)
"Liitä tiedostot leikepöydältä tähän kansioon"; "Paste the files in the Clipboard into this folder";(Location:[Home Tab (description)] Name:<btnPasteTTX>)
"Leikkaa"; "Cut";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnCutCP>)
"Kopioi polku"; "Copy Path";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnCopyPathCP>)
"Kopioi valittujen tiedostojen polun tai auki olevan kansion, jos yhtään tiedostoa ei ole valittu"; "Copies the path of the selected item(s) or of the folder currently open, if no item is selected";(Location:[Home Tab (description)] Name:<btnCopyPTTX>)
"Liitä pikakuvake"; "Paste Shortcut";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnPasteScCP>)
"Järjestä"; "Organize";(Location:[Home Tab (group name)] Name:<tgOrganizeCP>)
"Kopioi..."; "Copy To";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnCopyToCP>)
"Siirrä"; "Move To";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnMoveToCP>)
"Tiedostot"; "Documents";(Location:[Home Tab - Move to] Name:<btnctDocumentsCP>)
"Työpöytä"; "Desktop";(Location:[Home Tab - Move to] Name:<btnctDesktopCP>)
"Ladatut tiedostot"; "Downloads";(Location:[Home Tab - Move to] Name:<btnctDownloadsCP>)
"Muu sijainti"; "Other destination";(Location:[Home Tab - Move to] Name:<miOtherDestCP>)
"Poista"; "Delete";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnDeleteCP>)
"Poista roskakoriin"; "Delete to Recycle Bin";(Location:[Home Tab - Delete] Name:<miDeltoRB>)
"Poista pysyvästi"; "Delete Permanently";(Location:[Home Tab - Delete] Name:<miDeltoP>)
"Nimeä uudelleen"; "Rename";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnRenameCP>)
"New"; "New";(Location:[Home Tab (group name)] Name:<tgNewCP>)
"Uusi kansio"; "New Folder";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnNewFolderCP>)
"Uusi kirjasto"; "New Library";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnNewLibraryCP>)
"Avaa"; "Open";(Location:[Home Tab (group name)] Name:<tgOpenCP>)
"Properties"; "Properties";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnPropertiesCP>)
"Avaa"; "Open";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnOpenCP>)
"Muokkaa"; "Edit";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnEditCP>)
"Historia"; "History";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnHistoryCP>)
"Suosikit"; "Favorites";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnFavoritesCP>)
"Valitse"; "Select";(Location:[Home Tab (group name)] Name:<tgSelectCP>)
"Valitse kaikki"; "Select All";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnSelectAllCP>)
"Tyhjennä valinta"; "Select None";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnSelectNoneCP>)
"Käänteinen valinta"; "Invert Selection";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnInvertSelectionCP>)
"Conditional Select"; "Conditional Select";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnConditionalSelectCP>)
"Select all of the same type"; "Select all of the same type";(Location:[Home Tab - Conditional Select] Name:<miSelAllByTypeCP>)
"Select all created the same day"; "Select all created the same day";(Location:[Home Tab - Conditional Select] Name:<miSelAllByDateCP>)
"Select by more conditions..."; "Select by more conditions...";(Location:[Home Tab - Conditional Select] Name:<miCondSelectCP>)
"Välilehdet"; "Tabs";(Location:[Home Tab (group name)] Name:<tgTabsCP>)
"Uusi välilehti"; "New Tab";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnNewTabCP>)
"Kopioi välilehti"; "Clone Tab";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnCloneTabCP>)
"Sulje nykyinen välilehti"; "Close Current Tab";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnCloseTabCP>)
"Uusi välilehti (CTRL + T)"; "Create new tab (CTRL + T)";(Location:[Home Tab (description)] Name:<btnNewTabTCP>)
"Luo uusi välilehti nykyisen viereen"; "Create a new tab next to current one in the default location";(Location:[Home Tab (description)] Name:<btnNewTabTTX>)
"Luo uusi välilehti nykyisen viereen"; "Create a new tab with the same location as the location currently being viewed";(Location:[Home Tab (description)] Name:<btnCloneTabTTX>)
"Undo Close Tab"; "Undo Close Tab";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnUndoCloseCP>)
"Re-opens the most recently closed tab."; "Re-opens the most recently closed tab.";(Location:[Home Tab (description)] Name:<btnUndoCloseHCP>)
"Saved Tabs"; "Saved Tabs";(Location:[Home Tab] Name:<btnSavedTabsCP>)
"Store a collection of your favorite tabs or open a previously-stored collection."; "Store a collection of your favorite tabs or open a previously-stored collection.";(Location:[Home Tab (description)] Name:<btnSavedTabsHCP>)
+ Share Tab
"Jaa"; "Share";(Location:[Share Tab (tab name)] Name:<tbShareCP>)
"Pakkaa"; "Compress";(Location:[Share Tab (group name)] Name:<tgCompressCP>)
"Luo arkisto"; "Make Archive";(Location:[Share Tab] Name:<btnMakeArchiveCP>)
"Avaa arkiston luonti ohjelman, joka arkistoi valitut tiedostot. Arkisto on erityiskansio, joka pakkaa tai pienentää tiedostojen kokoa sen sisällä"; "Opens the Create Archive wizard, which aids you in creating an archive with the selected files. An archive is a special folder that compresses, or makes smaller, all of the files in it.";(Location:[Share Tab (description)] Name:<btnMakeArchiveICP>)
"Jaa"; "Share";(Location:[Share Tab] Name:<btnShareCP>)
"Verkko"; "Network";(Location:[Share Tab (group name)] Name:<tgNetworkCP>)
"Yhdistä verkkolevyyn"; "Map Network Drive";(Location:[Share Tab] Name:<btnMapDriveCP>)
"Katkaise yhteys verkkoasemaan"; "Disconect Network Drive";(Location:[Share Tab] Name:<btnDiscDriveCP>)
"Lisäsuojausvlinnat"; "Advanced Security";(Location:[Share Tab] Name:<btnAdvSecurityCP>)
"Avaa suojaus asetukset, salllien valita kuka voi oikeuden käyttää tai muokata kansiota."; "Opens the Security settings, allowing you to select who can access or edit this folder.";(Location:[Share Tab (description)] Name:<btnAdvSecurityTTX>)
+ View Tab
"Näytä"; "View";(Location:[View Tab (tab name)] Name:<tbViewCP>)
"Näytä/piilota"; "Show/Hide";(Location:[View Tab (group name)] Name:<tgShowHideCP>)
"Ruudut"; "Panes";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<tbPanesCP>)
"Siirtymisruutu"; "Navigation Pane";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<btnNavigationCP>)
"Siirtymisruutu"; "Navigation Pane";(Location:[View Tab (description)] Name:<btnNavigationTCP>)
"Show or hide the navigation pane on the left side of the window, which lists folders, libraries, and drives."; "Show or hide the navigation pane on the left side of the window, which lists folders, libraries, and drives.";(Location:[View Tab (description)] Name:<btnNavigationTTX>)
"Tiedot-ruutu"; "Details Pane";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<btnInfoCP>)
"Tiedot-ruutu"; "Details Pane";(Location:[View Tab (description)] Name:<btnInfoTCP>)
"Show or hide the details pane, which displays more information about the selected items."; "Show or hide the details pane, which displays more information about the selected items.";(Location:[View Tab (description)] Name:<btnInfoTTX>)
"Esikatselu-ruutu"; "Preview Pane";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<btnPreviewCP>)
"Esikatselu-ruutu"; "Preview Pane";(Location:[View Tab (description)] Name:<btnPreviewTCP>)
"Show or hide the preview pane on the left side of the window, which allows you to view a file's contents without opening the file, if your computer has the required preview handler for that file."; "Show or hide the preview pane on the left side of the window, which allows you to view a file's contents without opening the file, if your computer has the required preview handler for that file.";(Location:[View Tab (description)] Name:<btnPreviewTTX>)
"Erittäin suuret kuvakkeet"; "Extra Large Icons";(Location:[View Tab - Layout] Name:<btnExtraLargeICP>)
"Suuret kuvakkeet"; "Large Icons";(Location:[View Tab - Layout] Name:<btnLargeICP>)
"Keskikokoiset kuvakkeet"; "Medium Icons";(Location:[View Tab - Layout] Name:<btnMediumICP>)
"Pienet kuvakkeet"; "Small Icons";(Location:[View Tab - Layout] Name:<btnSmallICP>)
"Lista"; "List";(Location:[View Tab - Layout] Name:<btnListICP>)
"Tiedot"; "Details";(Location:[View Tab - Layout] Name:<btnDetailsICP>)
"Laatat"; "Tiles";(Location:[View Tab - Layout] Name:<btnTilesICP>)
"Sisältö"; "Content";(Location:[View Tab - Layout] Name:<btnContentICP>)
"Sijoitus"; "Layout";(Location:[View Tab (group name)] Name:<tgLayoutCP>)
"Nykyinen näkymä"; "Current View";(Location:[View Tab (group name)] Name:<tgCurrentViewCP>)
"Lajittele"; "Sort by";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<btnSortByCP>)
"Vaihda kuinka kansion sisältö on lajiteltu ja millä kategorialla ne on lajiteltu"; "Change how the folder's contents are sorted, and by what category they are sorted by";(Location:[View Tab (description)] Name:<btnSortICP>)
"Ryhmittele"; "Group by";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<btnGroupByCP>)
"Sarakkeiden automaattinen koko"; "Auto-size Columns";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<btnAutoSizeColCP>)
"Muuta kolumnien leveyttä, jotta kaikki tieto näkyisi"; "Change the width of the columns to fit their contents";(Location:[View Tab (description)] Name:<btnAutoSizeColICP>)
"Lisää sarakkeita"; "More Columns";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<btnMoreColCP>)
"Kuvien tiedostonimet"; "Image Filenames";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<chkImagefilenameCP>)
"Piilotetut tiedostot"; "Hidden items";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<chkHiddenItemsCP>)
"Tiedostojen tiedostopäätteet"; "Filename extensions";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<chkExtensionsCP>)
"Valitse mitkä tiedostonimien päätteet näytetään tiedostojen lopussa. Tiedostonimien päätteet tarkentavat minkä tyyppinen tiedosto on."; "Choose whether to show the extensions on the end of files or not. The extensions identify what type a file is. For example, a text document has a .txt extension, identifying it as a text document. Be careful when renaming files, because changing its extension can cause issues with the file or a program.";(Location:[View Tab (description)] Name:<chkExtensionsICP>)
"Piilota valitut tiedostot"; "Hide Selected Items";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<btnHideSelCP>)
"Piilota valitut tiedostot"; "Hide selected items";(Location:[View Tab - Hide selected items] Name:<miHideSelCP>)
"Piilota valitut tiedostot ja alikansiot"; "Hide selected items and all children";(Location:[View Tab - Hide selected items] Name:<miHideItemsCP>)
"Windows"; "Windows";(Location:[View Tab (group name)] Name:<grpWindowsCP>)
"New Window"; "New Window";(Location:[View Tab / File Tab] Name:<btnNewWindowCP>)
"Päivitä"; "Refresh";(Location:[View Tab] Name:<btnRefreshCP>)
+ Libraries - Manage Tab
"Kirjastot"; "Libraries";(Location:[Libraries - Manage Tab] Name:<ctbLibrariesCP>)
"Hallitse"; "Manage";(Location:[Manage Tab (tab name)] Name:<tbManageCP>)
"Kirjasto"; "Library";(Location:[Libraries - Manage Tab (group name)] Name:<tgLibraryCP>)
"Hallitse kirjastoa"; "Manage Library";(Location:[Library - Manage Tab] Name:<btnManageLibCP>)
"Oletus tallenussijainti"; "Default save location";(Location:[Library - Manage Tab] Name:<btnDefSaveCP>)
"Optimoi kirjasto"; "Optimize library";(Location:[Library - Manage Tab] Name:<btnOptimizeCP>)
"Yleinen käyttö"; "General Use";(Location:[Library - Manage Tab - Optimize Library] Name:<miGeneralCP>)
"Tiedostot"; "Documents";(Location:[Library - Manage Tab - Optimize Library] Name:<miDocumentsCP>)
"Musiikki"; "Music";(Location:[Library - Manage Tab - Optimize Library] Name:<miMusicCP>)
"Kuvat"; "Pictures";(Location:[Library - Manage Tab - Optimize Library] Name:<miPicturesCP>)
"Videot"; "Videos";(Location:[Library - Manage Tab - Optimize Library] Name:<miVideosCP>)
"Muuta kuvaketta"; "Change Icon";(Location:[Library - Manage Tab] Name:<btnChangeLibIconCP>)
"Näytä navigointi paneelissa"; "Show in navigation pane";(Location:[Libraries - Manage Tab] Name:<chkPinNavCP>)
"Näytä navigointi paneelissa"; "Show library in navigation pane";(Location:[Libraries - Manage Tab (description)] Name:<chkPinNavHCP>)
"Valitse näytetäänkö tämä ruutu ikkunan vasemmalla puolella. Kirjastoon voidaan kuitenkin siirtyä edelleen Kirjastot kansion kautta, jos se ei ole navigointi paneelissa."; "Choose whether to show this library in the pane on the left side of the window. This library can still be accessed through the Libraries folder if it is not in the navigation pane.";(Location:[Libraries - Manage Tab (description)] Name:<chkPinNavICP>)
"Palauta oletus"; "Reset to default";(Location:[Libraries - Manage Tab] Name:<btnResetCP>)
+ Folder Tools - Manage Tab
"Kansio asetukset"; "Folder Tools";(Location:[Folder Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<ctgFolderToolsCP>)
"Kuvake"; "Icon";(Location:[Folder Tools - Manage Tab (group name)] Name:<tgFolderIconCP>)
"Vaihda kansiokuvaketta"; "Change Folder Icon";(Location:[Folder Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnChangeFIconCP>)
"Puhdista kansiokuvake"; "Clear Folder Icon";(Location:[Folder Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnClearFIconCP>)
"Folder Size Chart"; "Folder Size Chart";(Location:[Folder Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnFSizeChartCP>)
+ Drive Tools - Manage Tab
"Levy työkalut"; "Drive Tools";(Location:[Drive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<ctbDriveToolsCP>)
"Asema"; "Drive";(Location:[Drive Tools - Manage Tab (group name)] Name:<tabDriveCP>)
"Alusta levy"; "Format Drive";(Location:[Drive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnFormatDriveCP>)
"Siivoa levy"; "Clean Up Drive";(Location:[Drive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnCleanDriveCP>)
"Optimoi levy"; "Optimize Drive";(Location:[Drive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnDefragDriveCP>)
"Drive Size Chart"; "Drive Size Chart";(Location:[Drive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnDSizeChartCP>)
+ Application Tools - Application Tab
"Ohjelma työkalut"; "Application Tools";(Location:[Application Tools - Application Tab] Name:<ctbApplicationsCP>)
"Ohjelma"; "Application";(Location:[Application Tools - Application Tab (tab name)] Name:<tabApplicationCP>)
"Run"; "Run";(Location:[Application Tools - Application Tab (group name)] Name:<tgRunCP>)
"Kiinnitä tehtäväpalkkiin"; "Pin to Taskbar";(Location:[Application Tools - Application Tab] Name:<btnPinCP>)
"Suorita järjestelmänvalvojana"; "Run as Administrator";(Location:[Application Tools - Application Tab] Name:<btnRunAsAdminCP>)
+ Image Tools - Manage Tab
"Kuvankäsittely"; "Image Tools";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<ctbImageToolsCP>)
"Hallitse"; "Edit";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab (group name)] Name:<tgImgEditCP>)
"Käännä vasemmalle"; "Rotate Left";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnRotateLeftCP>)
"Käännä oikealle"; "Rotate Right";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnRotateRightCP>)
"Kierrä vaakasuunnasssa"; "Flip Horizontally";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnFlipXCP>)
"Kierrä pystysuunnassa"; "Flip Vertically";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnFlipYCP>)
"Muunna"; "Convert";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnConvertImageCP>)
"Muunna JPEG"; "To JPEG";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab - Convert] Name:<miJPGfCP>)
"Muunna PNG"; "To PNG";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab - Convert] Name:<miPNGfCP>)
"Muunna GIF"; "To GIF";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab - Convert] Name:<miGIFfCP>)
"Muunna BMP"; "To BMP";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab - Convert] Name:<miBMPfCP>)
"Muunna WMF"; "To WMF";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab - Convert] Name:<miWMFfCP>)
"Size"; "Size";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<grpSizeCP>)
"Width:"; "Width:";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<lblWidthCP>)
"Height:"; "Height:";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<lblHeightCP>)
"Resize"; "Resize";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnResizeCP>)
"Crop"; "Crop";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnCropImageCP>)
"Näytä"; "View";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab (group name)] Name:<tgImgViewCP>)
"Diaesitys"; "Slide Show";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnSlideShowCP>)
"Aseta taustakuvaksi"; "Set as Wallpaper";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnWallpaperCP>)
"Fill Screen"; "Fill Screen";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab - Set as Wallpaper] Name:<miWallFillCP>)
"Fit Within Screen"; "Fit Within Screen";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab - Set as Wallpaper] Name:<miWallFitCP>)
"Stretched"; "Stretched";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab - Set as Wallpaper] Name:<miWallStretchCP>)
"Tiled"; "Tiled";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab - Set as Wallpaper] Name:<miWallTileCP>)
"Centered"; "Centered";(Location:[Image Tools - Manage Tab - Set as Wallpaper] Name:<miWallCenterCP>)
+ Archive Tools - Manage Tab
"Arkistointi työkalut"; "Archive Tools";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<ctbArchiveToolsCP>)
"Pura"; "Extract";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<tgExtractCP>)
"Pura tähän"; "Extract Here";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnExtractHereCP>)
"Pura tähän"; "Extract Here";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab (description)] Name:<btnExtractHereHCP>)
"Sijoittaa arkiston sisällön uuteen kansioon"; "Places the contents of this archive here in a new folder.";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab (description)] Name:<btnExtractHereICP>)
"Pura:"; "Extract to:";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<lblExtractCP>)
"Vaihda sijaintikansio"; "Change Output Folder";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnChooseLocationCP>)
"Extract Archive"; "Extract Archive";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnExtractNowCP>)
"Extract in new folder"; "Extract in new folder";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<chkUseNewFolderCP>)
"Show Files when Done"; "Show Files when Done";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<chkOpenResultsCP>)
"Tarkista eheys"; "Check Integrity";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnCheckArchiveCP>)
"Katsele arkistoa"; "View Archive";(Location:[Archive Tools - Manage Tab] Name:<btnViewArchiveCP>)
+ Miscellaneous
"Poistu"; "Exit";(Location:[File Tab] Name:<btnExitCP>)
"Reset Size"; "Reset Size";(Location:[Area between Search Bar and Breadcrumb Bar (right-click menu)] Name:<SearchBarResetCP>)
+ Search Tools - Search Tab
"Search Tools"; "Search Tools";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<ctbSearchToolsCP>)
"Search"; "Search";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab (tab name)] Name:<tabSearchCP>)
"Kind"; "Kind";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab (group name)] Name:<tsgKindCP>)
"All Types"; "All Types";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnKindAllCP>)
"Documents"; "Documents";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnKindDocsCP>)
"Pictures"; "Pictures";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnKindPicsCP>)
"Music"; "Music";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnKindMusicCP>)
"Videos"; "Videos";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnKindVideosCP>)
"Folders"; "Folders";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnKindFoldersCP>)
"Programs"; "Programs";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnKindProgramsCP>)
"Other Conditions"; "Other Conditions";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab (group name)] Name:<tsgOtherCP>)
"Size"; "Size";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnOSizeCP>)
"Very Large"; "Very Large";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Size] Name:<miSizeVLargeCP>)
"Large"; "Large";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Size] Name:<miSizeLargeCP>)
"Middle-Sized"; "Middle-Sized";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Size] Name:<miSizeMiddleCP>)
"Small"; "Small";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Size] Name:<miSizeSmallCP>)
"Tiny"; "Tiny";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Size] Name:<miSizeTinyCP>)
"Custom..."; "Custom...";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Size] Name:<miCustomSizeCP>)
"Date Created"; "Date Created";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnODateCCP>)
"Today"; "Today";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Date Created] Name:<miDateTodayCP>)
"Yesterday"; "Yesterday";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Date Created] Name:<miDateYesterdayCP>)
"This Week"; "This Week";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Date Created] Name:<miDateThisWeekCP>)
"Last Week"; "Last Week";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Date Created] Name:<miDateLastWeekCP>)
"Past Month"; "Past Month";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Date Created] Name:<miPastMonthCP>)
"Custom Time Range..."; "Custom Time Range...";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab - Date Created] Name:<miDateCustomCP>)
"Date Modified"; "Date Modified";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnODateModCP>)
"Extension"; "Extension";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnExtCP>)
"Author/Artist"; "Author/Artist";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnAuthorCP>)
"Subject"; "Subject";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnSubjectCP>)
"Search Now"; "Search Now";(Location:[Search Tools - Search Tab] Name:<btnSearchCP>)

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