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Help with Translating!

Important! The translation system is being re-done. Please go to this page instead: Translation Directory.

In the latest builds of BetterExplorer, support for multiple languages were added. Now, of course, Dimitar and I don't know every single language on the planet, so that's why we'd like help. If anyone would like to take some time to make even a partial translation of BetterExplorer's command into your own language, that would be very helpful. :)

What languages are currently supported?

  • English (en-US) (Translated by JaykeBird and Dimitar)
  • Bulgarian (bg-BG) (Translated by Dimitar)
  • Spanish (es-ES) (Translated by JM Bolivar)
  • Portuguese (pt-BR) (Translated by Cléverson)
  • Finnish (fi-FI) (Translated by Osku598)
  • Turkish (tr-TR) (Translated by cengizhan)
  • German (de-DE) (Translated by Stefan)
  • Croatian (hr-HR) (Translated by Danijel Levak)
  • French (fr-FR) (Translated by Pascal Huau and neugrek)
  • Italian (it-IT) (Translated by Gianluigi Meraviglia)

How can I help?

Download the translation Word document. In the document, all of BetterExplorer's commands will be divided by tab. These commands are put in tables with two columns. The left column lists the commands in English, and the right columns are blank for you to place their names in your own language.

Fill out what you can, and when you're done, e-mail it to JaykeBird, or make a new Issue Tracker item and attach the file.

As more commands are added, this file will be updated with a list of added commands since the first update, so previously translated documents can be updated however the translator would like... :)

Download the Translation Document

Download it here: [file:BExplorer_CommandList.doc] - corresponds with build 90339 (5.11.2012)
(The newest commands are in red. Please translate all commands if you have not already. :) )

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