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I'll be making a few pages here, so why not add a place to organize them all?

Source Code Build

Want to try the features mentioned on the Source Code page, but don't know how to work with the code? Download this zip archive to give them a try! (These are not official releases, however, so be careful!)

Get the latest source code builds!

Help with Translation

A new feature in BetterExplorer is support for multiple languages, so now we'd like help with translating BetterExplorer into other languages. To help with translating, I posted the translations online so everyone can view them and request changes. (Better than just having all kinds of files being e-mailed back and forth... Lol.)

Translation Directory

Tips and Tricks

Add a "Open in BetterExplorer" option to Windows Explorer

How to Test Builds on the Source Code Page

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